Diophantine Equation Solver

In the form ax + by = c, this is the most simple calculator that provides each step

Linear Algebra ToolKit

Provides calculators for Systems of Linear Equations, Determinants, Vector Spaces, and Linear Transformations

Modulo Calculator

Simple calculator, no steps

Summation Identities

Compiled list of common summation identities

This one is low tech BUT was able to deliver where AND could not

Logic Calculator

Provides a simple UI to input logical statements. Allows you to conduct proofs and truth tables and shows all steps.

Provides simple explanations for computer science data structures and the corresponding opperations. You also get detailed examples with code in Java and C++

Simple online circuit simulator that provides a UI to create whatever you like. This is great for confirming your truth tables are correct.

Allows you to create graphs and run algorithms on it. Additionally, it will indicate each step of the respective algorithm running on your graph

Extremely in depth algorithm visualizer that highlights the parts of your code being used. Also has pre-made, common algorithms.

MIPS to HEX Converter

Allows you to convert MIPS to HEX and vice versa

Relational Database Tools

Input your functional relations and this will compute the Attribute closure, Candidate key, Minimum (Canonical) cover, Functional dependency, and Normal form

Provides a UI to create ER diagrams and convert them to relational models. Allows you to export/generate sql statements.

Converts sql statements into an ER diagram

Functional Dependency Checker

Informative, but not a solver, essentially it computes the closure and checks 2,3,bNF

Makefile Generator

Free online tool that generates makefiles for you. This website also contains other tools that may be useful in the later years of computer science

Simple and fast, completely FREE bibliography generator. Supports APA, MLA, and Chicago citing styles.

Completely FREE bibliography generator that supports just about any citing style. Also has a powerful desktop app (for free).